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Hi, I’m Biswajit. A mathematicaphile and deep learning enthusiastic.

About Me

Hello, Welcome to my page!!

I am Biswajit, currently a final year undergrad student from Bits Pilani Goa Campus with Bachelors focusing in Computer Science. Over the course of my education, I have completed several projects focusing on a wide range of development and research.

  • From May ’19 to July ’19, I interned at Race2Cloud Technologies, where me and my team formed cloud based solutions for this amazing and innovative startup which used zoho creator and RPA tools.
  • From Dec ’19 to Jan ’20, I was a research intern at CSIR Fourth Paradigm Institute, where I was mentored by Dr, V Anil Kumar, where I Contributed to proposal of a distributed anti-worm architecture (DAW), designed for an Internet service provider (ISP) to provide the anti-worm services.
  • From May ’20 to June ’20, I was a software engineering intern at Citrix Systems, where I built a web technology scanner, to automatically enable firewall checks for malicious websites.
  • From Aug ’20 to Dec ’20, I interned at Oracle, where I worked with Senior Developers of Eloqua and Responsys to built some amazing products using Java Restful API Web Services for customers.

I am highly interested in deep learning and its applications which includes NLP, Computer Vision, Automated speech recognition and their applications. I don’t limit myself to these areas only and have worked on various intersections which included parallel computing, distributed systems and operating systems also.

Apart from being a software fanatic, I love maths alot. I like to read thriller novels, listen to music, analyse stock markets, follow space exploration and watch cricket in my free time. Being from a highly sports inclined school, I have represented my KV region in athletics and cricket nationals also.

“Much of the power of C comes from having a powerful preprocessor. The preprocessor is called a programmer.”

– P.J.Moylan

I would love to collaborate with you if you are interested to work with me.