• Software Engineering Intern, Oracle Aug ’20 – Dec ’20
    • Developed and deployed a Contact Application using Java Restful API Web Services for cleansing small and large batch datasets using multi-threaded approach and securing communication using Json web tokens, thus increasing both efficiency and security.
    • Developed a Churn Out Calculation Service Application for Oracle Customers using Flask web framework and database for monitoring performance and backup results to have a disaster recovery solution for marketeers in Responsys by analysing email and SMS responses.
  • Software Engineering Intern, Citrix May ’20 – June ’20
    • Automatically enabling Firewall security checks for malicious websites through database search and using a web technology scanner to detect the tools used for making the website and increasing safety.
  • Research Intern, CSIR- Fourth Paradigm Institute Dec ’19 – Jan ’20
    • Contributed to proposal of a distributed anti-worm architecture (DAW), which is designed for an Internet service provider (ISP) to provide the anti-worm service to its customers and Deploying its rate-limit algorithm at the ISP edge routers to tightly restrict the worm’s scanning activity by monitoring the failed connection TCP requests.
  • Software Developer Intern, Race2Cloud Technologies May ’19 – July ’19
    • Built a software bot for ease of functioning of their product management website which had details of products shipped with the help of Automation Anywhere which is a popular RPA tool.
    • We had to form cloud-based solutions and build a visitor management system for the security purposes of the company with the help of Zoho creator.


  • COVID-19 Mathematical Modelling
    • Implementation of different mathematical models and visualizing them with help of various software like Stella and Vensim to predict the equations that gives similar results as COVID-19 after imposition of Lockdown in India under supervision of Bits Pilani Goa Faculty using vensim software.
  • Fractional Differential Equation Solver
    • MATLAB programming for solving single or multiple partial differential equations with the help of Haar Wavelet method.
  • Virtual Machine’s CPU Scheduler and Memory Coordinator
    • Implemented a scheduler and memory coordinator to manage resources for each guest OS running on it in C.
  • Cache for Tightly Bound Hard RT Systems
    • Cache memory for eliminating inter-task interference by building cache that is process aware and is partitioned according to it.


  • Image classification using Bi-LSTM
    • Applied dual Bi-Directional LSTM for image classification through max-pooling the forward and backward LSTM’s hidden states of both the image matrix and its transpose and concatenating them for inputting into a dense fully connected layer.
  • Neural Machine Translators
    • Teacher forcing regular seq2seq model for Neural Machine Translation using LSTM and max-pooling the hidden states of encoder LSTM’s for input into the decoder part.
    • Teacher forcing seq2seq model for Neural Machine Translation using Bidirectional LSTM and attention mechanism for inputting the decoder LSTM with context vectors.